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Think the rapture is coming? Think the Anti-Christ is alive and well? Think the Great Tribulation is just around the corner? How would you like to meet two people who can prove from the Bible that all of these things are past events?

Host Ken Davies asks: "Why would someone who truly loves the Lord believe something they cannot prove from the Bible?"

If the truth doesn't frighten you, and if being lied to by so-called "Bible teachers" definitely does, we invite you to tune in to Beyond the End Times and join the live discussion.

We promise you clear, Biblical answers to all your questions concerning Bible prophecy, and we promise that what today's Bible teachers are saying is coming in the future... is already long, long past. Click here to listen live.

A Message to Pastors & Bible Teachers:

Does teaching God's people incorrect doctrine concern you? If you found out you were teaching God's people falsely, would you stop doing it, even if it meant losing your pastoral empire?

One pastor we spoke to, after seeing that his "future prophecy" teaching was false, and after seeing that over sixty percent of the New Testament proved it false, actually said to us, "Well... I can still teach on the other 40%!"

If you're a pastor or Bible teacher who believes the prophetic events in the Bible are still future, we invite you to challenge us live on the air and show us why you teach such things. We promise to lovingly show you why you have no Biblical foundation for your beliefs, and are therefore teaching false doctrine to God's people.

Think your position is supported by the Bible? Come on the air and show us why the urgent time statements Jesus made don't mean what they appear to mean. We'll be waiting. Click here and make a courageous move toward Biblical accuracy. After all, it is our responsibility to God and His people.

Beyond the End Times is currently on a Sabbatical from broadcasting. Due to time constraints, we will not be on the air until further notice.

We sincerely appreciate the support we have had for the last 10 years of promoting the truth of God's Word on the radio and Internet. Continue to hold fast to what our Lord Jesus Christ taught, i.e., BELIEVE what the Bible says! If you are guilty of unbelief, REPENT and BELIEVE. Too many who claim to be Christians these days simply refuse to believe what the Bible says (and this is true of most in leadership).

The monthly tapes of our program will no longer be available until further notice. If you would like a copy of a particular date's program, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Please note that we are not associated in any way with any ministries with similar sounding names or web addresses. Some have moved away from Biblical teaching and are following the teachings of men, to their own detriment, as well as to the body of Christ.


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