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For over a decade, Ken Davies has been fighting to shatter the lie of "futurism" and bring the Body of Christ back to the authority of Scripture alone.

Thanks to supporters like you, he has been able to keep the ministry moving along at a steady pace. Your gifts have helped to make a powerful difference in the lives of so many people who have been forced to believe "Jesus was mistaken" or "His coming has been delayed" without any detailed or scholarly explanation as to why.

What your contributions produce:

Your contributions have allowed Ken to boldly take this liberating message into homes around the world through radio broadcasts and the cassette and CD-ROM ministry. Your gifts help make sure that the future of the Church will be one of clarity and a return to Biblical accuracy and true Biblical scholarship.

The future belongs to the Lord!

The future vision of Beyond the End Times, with God's blessing of your continued support, is to accomplish the following:

  • Grow to be the most powerful Internet radio voice for Preterism in the world.

  • Build, maintain and expand a state of the art Internet and conventional Preterist radio broadcast network that will give Preterists an undeniable voice in a world dominated by the lie of a future second coming.

  • Create study tools that are of the highest quality and the tightest Biblical doctrine.

  • Create a Preterist Study Bible with extensive cross-referencing and internal study tools.

These are lofty goals, but the One who calls us to them is above all and so we rise.

What you can do to help

Please, if you are a supporter, we thank God for you and we encourage you to continue to support the efforts of this ministry.

If you are not presently a supporter, we ask that you would pray and ask our great God to give you the means to help support this ministry. There are several ways you can help support the ministry. Here is a list of options:

  • One-time Donation of Any Size
  • $25 Monthly Donation
  • $75 One-time Donation

Whichever level you choose, together, we WILL turn the tide, bring the truth of the Bible alone back to the Church, and leave a legacy for the generations that are sure to follow... to the glory of God.

A Bonus Gift For You:

In addition to your donations being fully tax-deductible, three of our four support levels entitle you to receive recordings of each radio program and several powerful study tools for your study archives, .

As mentioned above, there are four donation levels so that you can participate in this ministry effort no matter what your financial situation. Here are the levels and the gifts that accompany them. Each section contains a link to contribute either online or by mail.

Donation Levels:

One-Time Donation of Any Size

This support level allows you to make a donation of any size online using PayPal or by mail. This support level is offered for those individuals who simply desire to do their part on whatever level they feel comfortable.

Note: if you would like to donate on a monthly basis, see our Monthly Donation options below. Click the following link now to make a one-time donation of any size.


$25 Monthly Donation

You receive the latest recordings of the Beyond the End Times radio program on an automatic ship program. Click one of the following links now to make a donation.

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Remember, you can always cancel your donation subscription at any time by returning to this page and clicking this button: Click here to unsubscribe to monthly tapes!.


$75 One-Time Donation

For your one-time contribution of $75, you receive the computer CD-ROM set titled "The Paradigm Shift - The Journey Into Biblical Eschatology." This CD-ROM contains volumes of powerful study materials that will be an impressive addition to your study arsenal. These tools allow you to study the Preterist view and become well-versed in the Biblical knowledge that supports it. Click one of the following links now to begin supporting this effort to bring the truth of God's word to God's people.

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What is

$25 Monthly Donation

Beyond the End Times Radio Program Automatic Monthly Shipment - $25
Never miss a program again. For a tax-deductible monthly donation of just $25 to help support the ministry, you will receive the latest recorded programs. This is a great addition to your study archive. To subscribe, simply click the button below now.

You can unsubscribe at any time by simply clicking this button:
Click here to unsubscribe to monthly tapes!


The Paradigm Shift - The Journey Into Biblical Eschatology

An Encouraging note from a buyer:
I was encouraged to receive and listen to the first CD-ROM in this series. A fantastic resource for those of us who do not have congregation of "like minded" with which to fellowship. This information now available in audio form makes owning this series essential. Perhaps this will prompt more leaders in the preterist camp to make their thoughts available to the many in similar fashion. May The LORD GOD bless many through this ministry














$75 One-Time Donation

For your one-time donation of $75 or more, you receive :

"The Paradigm Shift - The Journey Into Biblical Eschatology"
Eschatology Vol. 1 - 2nd Edition
(with a new title)

Here's what you get on this computer CD-ROM:

  • Books: 12 complete books
    • The Parousia by J. Stuart Russell
    • The Christ Has Come by Ernest Hampden-Cook
    • The Complete Works of Flavius Josephus translated by William Whiston
    • The Epistle of Barnabas
    • Eusebius' Ecclesiastical History (revised)
    • The Seventy Weeks and the Great Tribulation: By, Philip Mauro 1921
    • The Hope of Israel, What is it?: By Philip Mauro 1922
    • Alfred Edersheim
      1. The Temple - Its Ministry and Services
      2. Sketches of Jewish Social Life
      3. Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah Vol. 1 & 2
    • The Life of Christ: by, Frederic W. Farrar
    • Adam Clarke's Commentary on
      • Matthew
      • Revelation
    • C. F. Keil and F. Delitzsch Commentary on the Old Testament
    • The Millennium: Loraine Bottner ©1957 - Although "The Millennium" comes from a futuristic standpoint, Loraine Bottner's book is a good study tool for those of you who are moving out of the dispensational camp back into Sola Scriptura...the Bible Alone. 1/3 of the book is on this disk which is Section one POSTMILLENNIALISM.
  • Articles Over 30-plus articles from selective authors of today which was given by their permission
  • Written Sermons of Pastor David Curtis: April 27, 1997 - February 09, 2003
    The sermons add up to almost six-full-years and can be read by subject manner or in alphabetical order
  • Audios:
    • 27 + 5 Beyond the End Times radio programs
    • 37 + 17 of Pastor David Curtis' audio sermons on Eschatology
    • 13 of Voice of Reason & It's Time For Truth with John Anderson
    • 3 from Don K. Preston on the "Preterist Pilgrim's Day"
    • 7 from Dr. Kelly N. Birks from Messiah Church.
      • “Considering The Chilia” or the Meaning of the Millennium 2 pt.
      • Rightly Recognizing the Rapture 2 pt.
      • The Resurrection of the Dead 3 pt.
    • (27 + 5 new) + (37 + 17 new) + 23 new = 109 AUDIOS which can be heard with your Real Player



Sending Contributions
in the Mail

If you would like to send your contribution through regular mail, here is the address: Simply make your check or money order out to:

Grace Ministries

and send it to:

Grace Ministries
P.O. Box 481
Lemon Grove, CA 91946

Thank you for your continued support. May God use this ministry for His glory and honor and may His Church be blessed by our combined efforts. Amen.

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